Yakshagana is a confluence of dance, costumes, music, drama and dialogues. In particular, the dance is performed and popular in the Malenadu region of Karnataka. Yakshagana means a song of Yaksha.

Dollu Kunitha

Dollu Kunitha is a major popular drum dance of Karnataka. Accompanied by singing, it provides spectacular variety and complexity of skills

Veeragase dance

Veeragase dance portrays the chivalrous Veerabhadra who according to the Hindu mythology evolved from the drop of sweat of Lord Shiva who was dancing with full vigor combined with anger.

Bayalata dance

This dance is famous amongst the folk dances of Karnataka in the southern region. It is a religious performance that is often fused with drama and dialogues. Bayalata too marks the end of the harvest season.


Kolata is a family name with its roots in Turkey. The Kolata's were a family in a group Turkish Christians and Jews that relocated to Southern Poland in search of religious freedom.