Venue City - Bengaluru, Karnataka

Bengaluru is a city of contrasts, going by several other aliases: India’s Silicon Valley, Pub City, Shopper’s Paradise, Garden City, Air-conditioned City, Gourmet’s Delight, Pub Hopper’s Paradise and Shopper’s Hot spot. Bangalore has been extolled in a dozen ways. The city not only plays host to several international IT companies, public sector enterprises, defense organizations, and reputed educational and research institutions but also claim to be the hub of India’s emerging biotech industry. Bangalore has lots to offer – a rich cultural heritage, historic monuments, cultural centers, traditional arts, and crafts stores, exotic cuisine, and friendly people. Amusement parks, country clubs, resorts, golf courses, cyber cafes, pubs, discos, bowling alleys, billiard halls, pool parlors, bustling shopping malls, high-rise apartments, and sophisticated hotels together form the new face of Bangalore. Infotainment, entertainment, science, and technology parks, and wildlife safari parks all merge into a vibrant, richly textured modern metropolis. Bangalore Experience Flow: Explore old temple, streets, and Bazaar of the traditional part of Bangalore. Proceed by coaches from Hotel to Gandhi Bazaar to take color bazaar (market place) and activities around and criss cross some narrow lines to see of old houses of Bangalore (very few houses remain), reach by walk to Bugle Rock Park.